Vulcanising press – Nilos

Splicing equipement and technology

ContiTech exclusively offers world-class vulcanising press systems and field service, and is the sole supplier of Nilos vulcanising technology to sub-Saharan Africa.

Enhance productivity with our vulcanising press systems that are equipped with both heating and cooling channels that enable faster cooling times and minimise downtime. In addition to revolutionising splicing, the Nilos vulcanising press can be used to repair damage and mend rips along the belt.

Features and benefits

  • Fully automatic ceramic heating system
  • Hydro-mechanical system for uniform pressure
  • Heating and cooling systems speed up vulcanising process
  • Light weight for easy manoeuvrability

The Nilos range of vulcanising equipment includes

Vulcanising Press with Pressure Bag (Type EMU)
  • Constant distribution of pressure due to Nilos surface pressure systems
  • Flexible heating plates and pressure bag system adapt to the conveyor belt’s top cover during vulcanising
  • Easy to transport due to low weight of the single parts and small dimensions of single components
  • Simple current feed
Compact Press (Type Vulcolite S)

The two-piece welded aluminium framework of this compact press is ideal for quick assembly and disassembly.

  • Extremely fast heating and cooling
  • Achieve longer splices as several press sections can be assembled side-by-side
  • Heating plates with integrated cooling channels for water cooling
  • Vulcanising temperature variable up to 175 °C (340 °F)
  • Integrated electronic temperature gauge for the control of the heating plates with digital display of set point and actual temperatures

Technical Data
Belt width 650 mm 800 mm 1050 mm 1,200 mm
Heated length (A) 350 mm 350 mm 350 mm 350 mm
Heated width (B) 750 mm 900 mm 1,150 mm 1,300 mm
Heated with rhombic (C) 810 mm 970 mm 1,240 mm 1,400 mm
Angle 22° 22° 22° 22°
Capacity per plate approx. 1.6 kW 2.2 kW 6.0 kW 3.1 kW
Weight top part approx. 33 kg 46 kg 64 kg 85 kg
Weight bottom part approx. 39 kg 58 kg 76 kg 97 kg

On-site Vulcanising Services

Facilitated by quick assembly and disassembly functionality, the Nilos vulcanising press forms part of ContiTech’s comprehensive conveyor belt service offerings, which are available countrywide, 24/7, 365 days a year to facilitate minimum customer downtime. Field teams offer both hot and cold vulcanising, permitting splicing and repairs to longitudinal tears, damaged edges and impact gouges on all sections of a conveyor belt.

Vulcanising press – Nilos