Preform™ splicing technology

Splicing equipement and technology

ContiTech has revolutionised belt splicing with its new Preform™ technology. Our patented Preform™ method of splicing provides improved splice efficiency, along with reduced splice time and improved performance.

This spicing technology utilises preformed, multi-grooved top and bottom cover panels, eliminating the need for cements and noodles. Cement drying times are therefore eliminated, reducing the possibility of splice contamination from dust infiltration.

Cord-laying time is significantly reduced and the correct cord spacing and alignment is virtually guaranteed with our Preform™ technology. The result is a stronger splice with improved performance and increased lifespan.

Features and benefits

  • Increase splice strength
  • Faster splicing times
  • No solutions and solvents needed
  • Higher dynamic splice efficiencies
  • Extended splice life
  • On-site splicing

Where conventional splicing methods involve the use of cements and rubber noodles, our Preform™ technology takes the eco-friendly route by replacing all binding materials with a vulcanising press. Our commitment to maximising your uptime means that our engineers can conduct on-site Preform™ splicing.

Save between 16% and 25%* on your conveyor belt splicing expenses! Enquire now for complete pricing.
*Based on actual field measurements comparing one splice technique against others on the same belt at the same time.

Preform™ splicing technology