PVG solid woven conveyor belts

Solid woven conveyor belts

ContiTech has developed PVG solid woven belting that offers superior abrasion and impact resistant properties - minimising cover wear and improving operational performance.

This construction has been designed for recycling, agricultural and industrial applications for conveying of oily products, grains, feeds, fertilizers, agriculture and produce.

The moderately oil resistant PVG compound provides low temperature capabilities. The all-polyester, single-ply interwoven carcass provides low stretch, good fastener retention and tear resistance, all at an economical price.

Features and benefits

  • Chemical, static and moisture resistant
  • Using higher quality PVG nitrile cover compounds increases belt life
  • Using our unique PVG compound mix improves cover adhesion, abrasion and impact resistance
  • Extreme adhesion and flex resistance
  • Minimised corrosion problems
  • Superior fastener holding ability
  • Resistance to idler junction failures
  • Light weight design to facilitate easier handling and reduce personnel fatigue

Our service branches are located across Africa and are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring peak belt performance.

PVG solid woven conveyor belts