PVC solid woven conveyor belts

Solid woven conveyor belts

ContiTech PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) solid woven conveyor belting offers superior fire and static resistance, improved troughability and is oil, chemical and moisture resistant – giving you a strong, resilient underground belt.

Our PVC solid woven belts are developed with a superior weave technique, resulting in a pliable construction. This means easy troughing with less spillage and increased load carrying.

The abrasion-resistant PVC covers are ideal for coal, potash, trona and salt mining markets. The applications include: mainline belts, continuous mining equipment, thin seams, medium tension, short center-to-center distances and one or two section mines. PVC belting is an economical alternative to rubber belting.

Our range of PVC solid woven belting is ideal for coal mining and a variety of industries.

Features and benefits

  • Reduced energy consumption from low intrinsic weight
  • Chemical, static and moisture resistant
  • Extreme adhesion and flex resistance
  • Minimised corrosion problems
  • Abrasion and impact resistant
  • Superior fastener holding ability
  • Resistance to idler junction failures
  • Light weight design to facilitate easier handling and reduce personnel fatigue
  • Variety of cover compounds for maximum protection
  • Increased visibility with our EASY-C belt covers

Global R&D has gone into developing this range of solid woven belting, ensuring you get a strong, ergonomic belt.

Our PVC belting is locally manufactured under strict quality controls as per ISO 9001.

Our service branches are located across Africa and are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring peak belt performance.

PVC solid woven conveyor belts