ContiTech Belt Monitoring

Belt Monitoring

Arm your belt with higher intelligence

Conti RipProtect is a rip detection system marketed by ContiTech Conveyor Belt Division. We invented and introduced the original Conti RipProtect in the mid 1970s, and began worldwide distribution by the mid 1980s. It protects your conveyor belt investment with advanced capabilities that keep belt rips to a minimum, saving you more time and money.

Conti RipProtect just got smarter. The latest advanced design involves RFID Technology (radio frequency identification), improved loop design and Ethernet connectivity.

How it works

Conti RipProtect works on the premise of closed-circuit loops and RFID tags embedded in the belt, monitored by electromagnetic detectors placed at high potential damage points. As the conveyor moves, these loops and tags pass over the detectors which generate output pulses. If the belt begins to rip, a sensor loop is also cut. As this cut loop passes over a detector, no pulse is generated. The lack of pulse is recognized by the control unit, which signals the drive controls to shut the conveyor down to minimize further damage. The recorded tag information positively identifies the location of the damaged area.

An RFID (radio frequency identification) tag is linked to each sensor loop and is recorded in the belt map. The Conti RipProtect unit has Continuous Automatic Synchronization (patent pending) that detects the tags, enabling it to locate a system stoppage exactly where the loop triggered the malfunction. The system then records the specific loop number targeting the area of the belt that needs attention.

Conti RipProtect
Detector Head pulses monitored by control unit
Conti RipProtect

Belt protection system monitors integrity of conveyor belt In SEC CTS ft.
L 47 5.2 500 101.5
T 001 1.0 10 2.1
L 43 5.2 500 101.5
T 002 1.0 10 2.1
L 49 5.2 500 101.5
T 003 1.0 10 2.1
L 50 5.2 500 101.5
T 004 1.0 10 2.1
L 51 5.2 500 101.5

RFID tag

Each tag has a unique RFID chip code, which is stored in the system’s memory providing identification of each loop. The belt can then be stopped at a precise location, to allow maintenance and or repair. The optional installation of additional tags allows you to identify specific areas of interest (e.g., splices or other unique locations). Your current Conti RipProtect systems are easily upgradeable to this latest RFID Technology, allowing more control over your conveyor belt operation.

New loop design

The improved, high-performance loop design dramatically increases durability and service life. The use of special rubber compounds to encase the components ensures superior adhesion and performance. The low-profile design enables minimal pulley cover gauges. The resultant unique loop design improves performance and the accuracy of loop detection.

Ethernet connectivity

Ethernet connectivity enhances the system performance. You can monitor system settings and status of your individual Conti RipProtect systems from anywhere on-site or off-site through your computer network. This Ethernet connectivity is compatible with your existing Conti RipProtect systems, provided you have Ethernet capability and a web browser.

A Sharp Memory and Added Flexibility Give Conti RipProtect With RFID Technology More Brain Power.

ContiTech Belt Monitoring has Continuous Automatic Synchronization meaning reduced nuisance shutdowns, increased production time and fewer conveyor re-starts.

  • Protection begins the minute your conveyor system starts moving, regardless of direction or speed of travel.
  • The new unit maintains a log of the last 50 events that have occurred with your conveyor belt. Obtaining a hard copy of the log is as easy as a push of a button, because the new system features a printing port to which you can connect any parallel printer.
  • The detector heads on ContiTech Belt Monitoring can protect a wider range of conveyor belt widths.
  • New loop design offers improved flexibility, durability and increased service life.
  • Ethernet capability offers remote monitoring to ensure your system is operating as you intend it to. Faster troubleshooting, quicker resolution to system events, all from the comfort of your office.
  • Stop-at Loop function stops the belt at a given location for maintenance.
  • Upgrading to ContiTech Belt Monitoring is easier than you think. Once RFID chips are in place in the belt, software and hardware enhancements to your existing Conti RipProtect 2000 systems are available. The new Conti RipProtect system is compatible with your existing belt, simplifying installation and reducing spare parts inventory.
  • ContiTech Belt Monitoring can tell you exactly where each loop is located, which allows you to identify and locate a malfunctioning loop quickly. You can then electronically delete it, which helps prevent damage even more, by minimizing unprotected belt footage, while production continues to flow.
  • Because it indicates its own malfunctions without affecting conveyor operations, ContiTech Belt Monitoring is virtually maintenance free.