Conti® Protect

Belt rip detection

Conti® Protect from ContiTech is the ultimate solution for belt monitoring comprising of Conti® MultiProtect and Conti® CordProtect, providing a comprehensive solution for belt protection and monitoring.

If your operation demands belt rip and transverse tear detection, cord damage detection or splice integrity, Conti® CordProtect in conjunction with Conti® MultiProtect is your solution.

Identify problems in real-time, pin point the exact problem area and stop the conveyor belt before it causes costly damage and downtime with our Conti® Protect solution.

Features and benefits

  • Patented rip inserts allow rip detection in troughed and non-troughed areas
  • Profiled sensor arrays identify rips immediately after critical loading points
  • RFID chips pinpoint location of the damage
  • Flat sensor arrays detect cord damage in non-troughed areas of the belt
  • Continuous splice monitoring by monitoring key splice characteristics

Conti® MultiProtect
  • Rip and tear monitoring, cord monitoring and splice visibility for critical high-abuse applications

Conti® CordProtect
  • Transverse tear detection, cord monitoring and splice visibility for critical applications
Conti® Protect