Conti® CordProtect

Belt Monitoring

Conti® CordProtect shows you damage events in real time, helping you avoid costly downtime.

Conti® CordProtect continuous monitoring system from ContiTech is designed to ensure you get the most value and longest service life from every conveyor belt you operate. Conti® CordProtect alerts you to steel cord damage in Flexsteel® conveyor belt before they lead to bigger problems. While others can provide periodic scanning services, Conti® CordProtect is superior in three ways: real time monitoring, ease of data interpretation and on-demand reporting.

Conti® CordProtect
Conti® CordProtect

Real time monitoring

Others may require you to schedule a costly shutdown to install and remove equipment – then they require more time to process and interpret their findings. Conti® CordProtect is a permanently mounted, continuous scanning system, meaning you always have up-to-the-minute information about steel cord integrity without having to halt operations.

Easy-to-interpret data
Conti® CordProtect

Standard waveform analysis is unintuitive and requires a specialist to interpret. Conti® CordProtect image output, on the other hand, uses an easy-to-understand graphic interface that allows operators to immediately recognize events with conveyor belts. Potential problems are shown as "hot spots" on the belt, the "hotter" the image (raising into the red end of the color spectrum) the more immediate the service need; the "cooler" the image (dipping into the blue end of the color spectrum) the more minor the event.

Conti® CordProtect
Easy web accessibility
Conti® CordProtect

To make monitoring even more convenient, Conti® CordProtect can be accessed by a stand-alone computer via an Ethernet connection or via the plant's network. Interface features include:

  • Easy-to-navigate links
  • Belt overview: cord damage and splice
  • Location
  • Selectable belt damage views
  • User definable display options
  • Diagnostic parameters display
On-demand reporting

Now the type of report that took others days to compile can be yours at the touch of a button. At any time, via the Web interface, an operator can print a PDF report with the following information:

  • Overall belt damage map
  • Detailed magnetic image of events
  • Prioritized list of recommend actions
  • Belt Segment data
  • Details damage event table

How Conti® MultiProtect Works

  • 1. As the belt moves, the Magnet Array (mounted above the belt on the return side) magnetizes the steel cords.
  • 2. The sensor array (patent pending) measures the magnetic properties associated with steel cord damage, which is recorded as a function of belt position to create a damage map.
  • 3. In real time, the information is transmitted via the control box to a remote computer screen while the results appear in easy-to-interpret image output.
  • 4. By measuring new input against the map record, Conti® CordProtect detects magnetic discontinuities associated with cord gaps, cord ends and damaged or deteriorated cords and alerts the operator.
Conti® CordProtect