Oil resistant

Cover compounds

Handling oily materials like wood can reduce the performance and life expectancy of your conveyor belt, as these oils can penetrate the rubber causing it to swell and distort, often resulting in serious operational problems.

ContiTech has created Wood Sawyer™, an oil resistant cover compound that protects your textile-reinforced belts, steel cord belts and solid woven belts from the threats of handling oily materials.

We have developed a range of Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt to transport oily or greasy materials without causing damage to your belt or to the material.

Features and benefits

  • High belt protection against terpine content of wood chips
  • Superior adhesion that protects against high impact applications
  • Rip and tear resistant properties
  • Outstanding fastener holdings that minimise belt tracking problems
  • Reduces damage due to misalignment
  • Protect your conveyor belt with our range of lightweight and oil resistant conveyor covers

Unplanned downtime, costly maintenance and bulky belt covers are a thing of the past with our superior oil resistant cover compounds.

Wood Sawyer™ cover compounds are ideal for the pulp, paper and wood industries and provide good abrasion resistance when handling oily materials.

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Oil resistant