Heat resistant

Cover compounds

Protect your conveyor belt with ContiTech’s range of heat resistant cover compounds that protect your conveyor belt up to 250°C.

Our unique range of cover compounds ensures that you get a heat resistant belt and maximise your uptime with less maintenance and unplanned stoppages when conveying hot materials that could easily damage standard conveyor belts.

Our heat resistant cover compounds include


Compounded for excellent heat and abrasion resistance in temperatures ranging from 120°C for hot baking loads and up to 180°C for lumpy material.


Offers a high performance solution for material applications that involve extreme heat, with a burn-through resistance of up to 205°C and 250°C intermittently.

When paired with selected ContiTech textile-reinforced belt or steel cord belt, your 6740-A™ or Solar-Shield™ cover compound creates a completely heat resistant belt and enables you to safely transport high temperature material such as choke, clinker, slag and hydrated lime!

ContiTech has invested in extensive research and development to the design of these heat resistant belt covers, which can withstand temperature loads of up to 250°C.

Features and benefits

  • Zero heat-cracking or softening of belts
  • High-wear resistance
  • Increased life-span of belts
  • High adhesive properties
  • Protect your conveyor belt with our range of lightweight and heat resistant conveyor covers

For over 100 years, our breakthrough fabric designs have been tested on some of the toughest conveyor belt applications in the industry. Our heat resistant belts offer highly durable protection when conveying heated materials.

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Heat resistant