Flame retardant

Cover compounds

Increase miner safety with guaranteed lower smoke and toxicity levels, and get SANS-approved flame retardant belting with a ContiTech SHIELD™ flame retardant cover compound.

Our unique range of cover compounds ensures you get flame retardant belting that maximises your uptime with less maintenance and unplanned stoppages when conveying materials that could easily damage standard, unprotected conveyor belts.

Our range of flame retardant cover compounds includes


This cover compound is designed for low smoke and low toxicity levels – ideal for underground applications where visibility is essential when a fire breaks out. SANS 971 compliant.

Type F+

This cover compound is designed for flame retardant applications and is recommended for coal carrying where plied or steel cord constructions are utilised. ANS 971 compliant.

Features and benefits

  • Increased life-span of belts
  • Increased visibility in mining applications
  • Protect your conveyor belt with our range of lightweight and flame retardant conveyor covers

When paired with selected ContiTech textile-reinforced belts or steel cord belts, your SHIELD™ or Type F+ cover compound creates a completely flame retardant belting solution.

Our flame retardant belting reduces flammability of materials and stops burning immediately once the flame source is removed resulting in no smoke omitted – drastically improving visibility in a fire.

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Flame retardant