Abrasion resistant

Cover compounds

ContiTech abrasion resistant cover compounds provide maximum belt protection against abrasion with moderate cut and gouge resistance.

Our range of three highly abrasion resistant cover compounds protect your belt in harsh applications whether run of mine applications, quarried or primary crushed mining minerals (granite, rock and other heavy sharp-edged materials).

Our range of abrasion resistant cover compounds includes

“A” Grade (Survivor®)
  • A Grade is our premium abrasion resistant compound that provides substantially better service life in abrasive applications when compared to other compounds.
  • At the same time, our A Grade cover compound offers moderate cut and gouge resistance.

“C” Grade (Stacker®)
  • C Grade offers excellent abrasion and cut and gouge resistance.

“N” Grade
  • N Grade is designed for most applications other than those requiring special compounds for chemical, fire or high resistance to heat, providing excellent abrasion resistance and flex life.
  • N Grade covers are recommended for conveying slag, limestone, cement rock, iron ore pellets, crushed rock, coal and other materials where abrasion is present.

Features and benefits

  • Belt protection in the toughest applications
  • Increased belt longevity
  • Abrasion, cut and gouge resistant
  • Lower overall cost per ton conveyed
  • Recommended temperature range: -48°C to 65°C
  • Protect your conveyor belt with our range of lightweight and abrasion resistant conveyor covers

Our abrasion resistant cover compounds increase protection without increasing the thickness of the belt, eliminating the weight and added stress to the entire system – ultimately lowering your total energy consumption and keeping your cost per ton conveyed to a minimum.

ContiTech cover compounds with global R&D

Research and development is one of our brand’s strongest qualities, with only leading rubber and reinforcement technologies going into our cover compounds range.

Supported with over 100 years of application knowledge and experience, this helps us deliver premium belt protection that guarantees maximum results, no matter your application.

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Abrasion resistant